Well, been so very long...

It has been ages since I have been on here [nearly three years... Yikes!] I told ya'll that that happens, I get sidetracked and forget things. >.< A lot has happened in those three years, I have gained full time job then lost it, My wife lost a family member due to CF, and my wife and I are gonna have a child in February. Holy crap on a cracker! I have gotten in the Big Bang Theory, NCIS, NCIS:LA. I have read a lot of books, including the Twilight Saga. My wife and I own all four books [minus the novella], all the movies out on DVD [Minus Part 2 of Breaking Down] I have been doing a lot of RPing, much fun. I also have done a lot of Writing. Heh Fun fun.


And the world moves on it appears.

I have been away from this site and my other site for some time, any RPG sites I have been working on have either died or never got off the ground due to offline issues with time and such. Or I haven't got them completely ready to get off the ground yet.

Beyond that I am looking into a new job prospect, something I applied for a few years back and finally had an interview for the job a few days ago, I am hoping to hear back good news from the people and I will be very happy. However, that has allowed for less time to be online and more time being worried about getting a new job and such.

So far though, life is well and I still write and program. So the world still moves.



Hi again!

I didn't forget, trust me. heh. I have been busy though. w00T Getting RPG sites up and running and beginning to write a new story, yay for me. Taking my sweet time though, hoping it will rock. Ya should check it out.

Anyway, I am off ta the races, got some work stuff and what not to get done and well,YAY heh.

Enjoy it!



Excerpt from my new story Crystal Moon

“Wait for ‘em Lucas, ya’ll know when ta strike, just wait.”
Those were the words Lucas remembered in the front of his mind as a Gray Guard’s arrow shaft magically sprouted from his mentor’s right eye. Lucas still couldn’t trust what he eyes saw at the time, but he could trust the actions that followed. It was just revenge, or maybe it was instinctual protection. Either way, Lucas already knew the outcome, he was a wanted man. Wanted for slaying Royal Gray Guards out here in the Darkwind Forest, due west from Calis, Lucas trembled at the thought.
There are still more out there Luc, just remember what ol’ Bram taught you. They are always out there… Just have to be cautious, prepared, and concealed.
Lucas threw the hood over his head, the grays, browns, and blacks were the traditional colors of this fine forest, always appearing dead and grisly. But this was the place he called home, what his family and friends called home. It was his duty and honor to protect these forests. Keeping his hand close to knife and sword he crept slowly from tree to underbrush and back to tree. It was always this way, as far as his training and young mind could recall, always keep hidden, always keep quiet. And most of all, always keep alert.
It wasn’t quite time for the Gray Guard to call in their night parties, but that would happen soon enough, Lucas knew it would. When that happened, he could go rest, as there would already be his replacement out in the woods for him. Lucas was tired, but it wasn’t time, sleep was not something he could take refuge in from his current situation, sleep was not allowed on watch, and the people of the forest were good at keep their Watchers awake during their appointed shifts.
The sun was beginning to rise when Lucas touched upon the top of the crest that hid the Valley of the Elves, his homeland resting a few hours travel beyond it. The elves were a nasty and “superior” race, at least in their own eyes. Lucas paused and watched the valley below, there didn’t appear to be any of the elves running about, but there did appear to be some commotion brewing in their Fae boxes.
I say 'new' because Crystal Moon was a lot different than that excerpt. Makes me sad to see I changed it that much. I am in the middle of locating all the required sites and information I can locate for trying to reconstruct my original story.

Got a temporary internet setup and MSN Live

YAY I have been working on Getting the messenger for a month now, got it... w00T. Also got a temporary internet setup until I decide to pay the money to either get the license for it OR get something more effective through Verizon... Dunno yet which I shall do.

On a different note:

My stories are stagnant, I am trying to either rework them or get into them once again. Hopefully breath life into them. One of my stories is way different and it is rather depressing thinking about it... I lost all that lovely information on it. =( It was going so well too...

Well, off to the drawing board/search engine/whatever.



Wow... I have gotten lazy with the posting...

heh, working on getting a new C-box or something on that side of my blog... --> that side there.

Besides that, work sucks, still open and it still sucks... But at least it pays my bills and what not. -nods-

been playing Spore, fun game but can get tedious.... Thinking about booting up Sim City 4 tonight for a bit. Heh.

As for anything else, been depressed, well... Sorta. Been busy and stressed really. Trying to get some writing done is impossible right now. BUT I am trying...

Until I get a new Cbox use comments for now. -nods-


Its been a while...

Yes it has, sorry all! Work is staying open for a bit longer, YAY! Uhhh... Taxes are done, and gaming rocks. My phone's charger has crapped out on me, so I am working on getting a new one, that should happen in a few days... YAY! =^.^=

Uhh... I am working on writing stories, those are coming along awesomely. I am going to soon be locating a way to broadcast them over the interwebs and such, I think that would be nice... Do a net-based book series... Heh, every so often give out small books that could eventually give me enough material to make a full book.

Any of ya'll that would like to help in anyway, please... CONTACT ME if ya have my contacts... OR!!!

Even better ideas:
A) Use the c-box there --->

Yes, its over there... Right there, just a few pixels over... Yes, a little more... GOT IT! =====>

B) Comments, yes those things are located down there, just after my post ends where it says the date, author, and labels... Yes that little link down there.

So far though, that is all I have... OH! Wifey and I have invited friends to move in with us, that is going pretty well... They are obeying our wishes, which is nice. We laid out ground rules and such. They are being obeyed. Which is nice...

Just got to get the three year old to learn that what he does at times is not always good behavior. Working on it though, a lot! I mean he is a good kid and all, so I can't complain very much.

Ohhhh, May 2nd is like... Right around the corner, ^.^ Yay... That means the wifey and I Have been together for a full year... Rocking awesome!!